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Guarantees of Origin are green electricity certificates regulated by the EU. They lead to widespread problems of double counting green electricity.

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Relevant stories:

Guarantees of Origin in Iceland

In early 2023, the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) formed a compliance panel to investigate double claiming in Iceland.

In the 1990s, the Icelandic Ministry of Energy and Industry and the company Landsvirkjun operated a marketing unit (Markaðsskrifstofa iðnaðarráðuneytis og Landsvirkjunar, Icelandic Energy Marketing Unit) to advertise the potential for cheap and environmentally friendly electricity in Iceland to companies worldwide. A brochure titled "Lowest Energy Prices" was published in 1995.

This is noteworthy, as it was only much later that Icelandic electricity companies started selling the same "green properties" that they used to attract energy-intensive companies a second time in the form of guarantees of origin.

Guarantees of Origin in Norway

The German law firm Becker Büttner Held analyzed double counting of guarantees of origin in Norway for the Austrian electricity company Verbund in 2021.

These documents were made public due to a request by Lennart Mühlenmeier based on German freedom of information laws and first published on the freedom of information portal "Frag den Staat".

Automated translations for German documents are provided as well. Due to the limited quality of the original documents, the translation is incomplete and sometimes hard to read.

The BBH analysis mentions a report created by Oslo Economics for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in 2018, which is publicly available. It already mentions issues with guarantees of origin, but it was only available in Norwegian. Therefore, an automated English translation is provided here. (It appears that a similar report created by Oslo Economics around the same time is available in English, but that is a different document.)

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