Hydropower in Iceland

Double Counting and other problems with Green Electricity Certificates

Double counting of green energy had recently led to a suspension of renewable electricity certificates from Iceland. Now they can be exported again – even though the problems are not solved. But that is not the only problem with renewable electricity certificates.

CoBra heat pump

Hotter Heat Pumps could help Electrify Industrial Heat

Most energy in industry is used to provide heat. The most efficient way to decarbonize heat is to use heat pumps powered by green electricity. Which leads to the question: What temperatures can they achieve?

Ljosafoss hydropower station

How Iceland sold the same Green Electricity twice

European renewable energy certificate led to double counting of the same electricity from Iceland. Certificate exports have now been suspended. But the problem is not restricted to Iceland.

Haru Oni

Hype and E-Fuels: The Haru Oni pilot plant

Making fuel just from wind, water, and air – that's the promise of the Haru Oni project in Chile. But claims by the companies operating the plant contain a lot of hype.

Siderwin pilot plant

Making Steel with Electricity

The Siderwin research project tested a new method of steelmaking that uses direct electrolysis of iron oxide in a pilot plant in France. The steelmaker ArcelorMittal now announced that it wants to commercialize the technology.

BASF ammonia factory

Do Ammonia Crackers make sense?

Several companies have announced plans to build ammonia crackers to use ammonia as a hydrogen carrier. However, do they make sense as long as existing ammonia facilities run on fossil-based hydrogen?

Gas stove

Gas Stoves and Gas Grids

Cooking with gas represents only a tiny fraction of overall gas use. Some say it does not matter much for the climate, but is that true?

Solar and wind energy

The Future Dominance of Solar and Wind Energy

There is surprisingly strong agreement in future energy scenarios about the dominance of solar and wind energy.

Gas pipes

Hydrogen Heating and the Future of the Gas Grid

Most experts don't see a future for hydrogen boilers in buildings, but industry groups lobby for them. This raises an important question: What future is there for gas grids?

Hybrit Pilot Plant

The path to Green Steel could be Hydrogen

Several steelmakers are investing in technologies that could clean up one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

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